Frequently Asked Questions


Learn a bit more about ParrotWP™—here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Cadmium to WordPress plugin.


  • What is ParrotWP™?

    With ParrotWP™, you’ll be able to connect your WordPress-based event website with Cadmium’s Education Harvester in seconds. Pull your education program info into WordPress with the confidence that ParrotWP™ seamlessly syncs your presentation and presenter data! The plugin takes just a couple of clicks to implement and use and provides all the necessary components for getting started – no hassles!  Once you activate the plugin using your license key, you can start using the plugin features right away, and any updates will be pushed through to your dashboard as long as your license is active.

    NOTE: a Cadmium API key is required, and the Cadmium API fee is included in the ParrotWP™ purchase price; Cadmium will provide the key after purchase.

  • How many sites can I use this on?

    One license allows for activation on one website. However, multiple licenses can be purchased if you plan on using this plugin across multiple WordPress-based event sites.

  • Where do I go for plugin support?

    With the purchase of ParrotWP™, you receive six months’ worth of plugin support and one year of updates. Support covers any issues with the ParrotWP™ plugin, and it does not cover conflicts involving other plugins or themes or custom coding problems that may arise when using this plugin in your WordPress configuration. Access our support portal here.

  • Is there a FREE version?

    There is not a free version of ParrotWP™. We recommend requesting a demo or emailing us if you have questions. Our knowledgeable customer care staff is here to assist you at any time. contains additional ways to contact our support team for assistance.

  • Is there a demo of ParrotWP™?

    We currently offer a pre-recorded demo of ParrotWP™ and an appointment-based on-screen demo with one of our ParrotWP™ specialists. You can view the demo video here or request a demo here.


  • What pricing options are available?

    All pricing information can be found on our pricing page.

  • After purchase, how will I know when to renew?

    30 days before your ParrotWP™ license expires, you’ll receive an email with instructions about renewing or canceling your license.

    NOTE: For your protection, we won’t store your credit card information on our servers. You will be asked to re-enter payment issue should you wish to renew.


  • Are there any hosting requirements?

    ParrotWP™ is designed to work with nearly all server environments*. However, check to ensure your server meets these requirements for optimal performance:

    • PHP memory must be at least 128MB
    • Max Vars must be above 4,000
    • Scripts must be allowed to be executed for a minimum of 900 seconds (often referred to as max_execution_time).
      • For example, if you’re on WP Engine hosting your script execution time is only 60 seconds.

    Due to the functionality of this plugin, hosting resources are allocated primarily during the syncing process. Any server related timings will need to be modifiable for best results.

    *WP Engine has a short script execution timer, which impacts the ability to import larger agendas.

  • Is this plugin multisite compatible?

    No, this plugin is not multisite compatible.

Plugin Specific

  • Is ParrotWP™ free of malware?

    Not to worry, ParrotWP™ has been tested for malware using major WordPress security plugins including Wordfence, iThemes Security, Sucuri, and Malcare. All scans returned were malware-free.

  • How would I create a layout?

    ParrotWP™ uses Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) to handle and manage all of the data pulled from the Cadmium Education Harvestor API. Fortunately, ACF can utilize shortcodes to pull information into your layouts. If you have an experienced developer that understands “loops” within WordPress they may utilize these shortcodes to create repeatable elements within a layout.

    If you’re looking for a partner to develop your layout, we recommend David James Group.

  • Are there premade layouts to use?

    ParrotWP™ offers a wide range of customization options to make your website unique. We don’t have pre-made layouts in the current version, but we’re working on it! Contact our fearless leaders at the David James Group if you want their help designing layouts using various page builders including Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg.

  • How do I set up automatic syncing?

    ParrotWP™ has built-in functionality to automatically sync your data through the Cadmium API using the WordPress CRON system. We recommend using a CRON plugin like WP Crontrol to control the syncing functionality.

    Once you have identified an appropriate CRON plugin, you will want to create a new PHP event in that plugin labeled:

    • Parrot_new_cron – For Presentations
    • Parrot_import_presenters_cron – For Presenters (requires ParrotWP™ 2.1+)
    • Then set your timer for how frequently you want this feature to run.

    The automated sync can be triggered as often as the plugin options offer and we recommend using the Import function in step 4 for emergency updates only.

  • How long does a second sync take?

    Once your initial sync takes place, ParrotWP™ only looks for updates; it will not reimport all your data again. We have found subsequent imports take about 1/3 of the time of the initial sync, meaning quicker updates when you add/modify data.

ParrotWP™ is the Best Cadmium Education Harvestor Plugin for WordPress.


With ParrotWP™, you can easily keep track of all your important data in one place. Custom fields let you include any information you need, while the robust sync feature ensures that your data is always up-to-date.

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ParrotWP™ is the Best Cadmium Education Harvestor Plugin for WordPress.


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