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ParrotWP®: A Cadmium Connection Without Exception


We’ve already done the work for you! No need to spend time and money developing your own functionality. Our affordable pricing includes six months of support and one year of activation and updates. With ParrotWP® you’ll receive updates right within your WordPress dashboard and are never far from help should you need it. Plus with a simple renewal process available at any time during the licensing term, you have less work to do to ensure annual events continue to benefit from ParrotWP®!

All pricing is in USD ($).

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ParrotWP®: A Cadmium Connection Without Exception
  • Purchase ParrotWP®
    Cost is per-year for a single website. Save 25% - Limited Time Offer!
    Includes $500 Cadmium API key and ACF WordPress plugin
    • ParrotWP® WordPress Plugin
    • Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
    • Import File for Advanced Custom Fields
    • 1-Year of Updates
    • 6-Months of ParrotWP® Plugin Support
    • Updates Available in WordPress Dashboard
    • Includes Cadmium API key fee
  • Purchase Installation Assistance
    Cost is for a single use support call.
    • Assistance With Installation (Plugin Purchase Required)
    • One-on-One Connection With Support Team
    • Support Session Happens Over Zoom or Teams
    • Walkthrough of Features and Best Practices
    • How to Access Your Account on
    • How to Implement Future Plugin Updates
    • Assistance in Setting Up Imports

ParrotWP® includes a custom Cadmium API key, required for its operation. The API key, valued at $500, is bundled with your purchase.

Before purchasing ParrotWP®, please check that your hosting environment fulfills our minimum requirements to guarantee successful syncing.

ParrotWP’s® operation demands significant hosting resources, mainly throughout the syncing process. To achieve optimal performance, it’s essential to have the capability to adjust server-related settings and timings. This flexibility ensures that the plugin can efficiently manage data transfers and updates without overburdening the server, improving reliability and speed. Ensuring your hosting environment can accommodate these adjustments will help maximize the plugin’s effectiveness and ensure seamless integration with your website.

  • PHP/WordPress memory limits must be at least 128MB
  • Max Vars must be above 4,000
  • Scripts must be allowed to be executed for a minimum of 900 seconds (often referred to as max_execution_time).
    • Example: WP Engine hosting*, your script execution time is only 60 seconds.
  • PHP 7.4 or greater – PHP 8 for optimal performance
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater
  • WordPress 5+ with server-side CRON available

*WP Engine has a short script execution timer, which impacts the ability to import larger agendas.

ParrotWP® is the Best Cadmium Education Harvestor Plugin for WordPress.


With ParrotWP®, you can easily keep track of all your important data in one place. Custom fields let you include any information you need, while the robust sync feature ensures that your data is always up-to-date.

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ParrotWP® is the Best Cadmium Education Harvestor Plugin for WordPress.


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