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The ParrotWP® changelog, where we meticulously document each update and improvement. Stay informed about the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements that keep ParrotWP the best plugin to migrate your Cadmium Education Harvestor info into WordPress.

Current Version: ParrotWP® 2.3

ParrotWP® 2.3

– NEW: Licensing, activation, and plugin update process
– NEW: New customer dashboard on with the ability to see what sites are currently using your license code
– FIXES: Code clean up and bug fixes

ParrotWP® 2.2.4

– TWEAK: Modified Presentation / Presenter data match-up logic when sync fails or CRON doesn’t fully activate.

ParrotWP® 2.2.2

– FIXES: Fixes a small javascript issue affecting imports and ROW ordering.

ParrotWP® 2.2.1

– FIXES: Fixes an issue with duplicated presenters.

ParrotWP® 2.2

– FIXES: Adds all presenter roles to the presenter’s information if they are in two or more roles.

ParrotWP® 2.1

– IMPORTANT – Please note that this is a comprehensive version update. It necessitates the inclusion of extra resources to ensure the smooth operation of version 2.1.
– NEW – We’ve introduced a new feature: the Presenters data subset. This allows your Presenters to be stored alongside your Presentations, simplifying the creation of Presenter Listing pages.
– NEW – Cadmium’s TrackName field data is now stored as WordPress categories for both Presentations and Presenters. This lets you easily generate category archive pages using your trackname custom field data.
– NEW – We have made adjustments to improve data synchronization and optimized the code for better performance.

ParrotWP® 2.0

– NEW – Presenter importing as a separate post type
– NEW – IMPORTANT – Upload the new Presenters.json file into ACF to activate Presenter-only fields.
– NEW – Sync just Presenters or Presentations

ParrotWP® 1.9.5

– NEW: Fixed an issue with slugs/permalinks not being properly updated in unique situations where sessions shared the same title.

ParrotWP® 1.9.4

– NEW: A new feature for managing CRON events has been added to the “Settings” menu. This “Update Mode” function allows you to choose between updating all entries or updating only the entries that have been modified since the last refresh.

ParrotWP® 1.9.3

– NEW: Access the newly added ‘Import’ menu item under ParrotWP for new import options.
– NEW: Enhancements made to better synchronize with empty custom field data.
– NEW: Introducing a feature to limit the number of entries per import, reducing server resource usage.
– NEW: Customize slugs for all ParrotWP entries by entering your preferred naming convention. Remember to refresh permalinks under Settings for changes to apply.

ParrotWP® 1.9.2

– Initial Release