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Before implementing ParrotWP® on the website for our Water Power Week 2022 event, we were re-entering and updating session data manually—and then spending more time monitoring the data on to ensure it matched the presentation data in Cadmium. ParrotWP®’s auto-syncing capabilities removed these hassles and allowed us more time to focus on increasing attendance.

– Marla BarnesVP of Member and Industry EngagementsNational Hydropower Association

With ParrotWP®, we found the most cost-effective and efficient solution to displaying our detailed event session data on our conference marketing site. Within a matter of weeks, we completely transformed the capabilities of our website and relevant content 10-fold without having to manually create pages. Because we have access to so many data points, ParrotWP® allowed us to contextually display content across our site.

– Scott KesselmanDirector of Marketing and CommunicationsNational Home Infusion Association