The perfect WordPress plugin to connect your Cadmium data to your In-Person Event Sites!

ParrotWP™ is the perfect way to pull your Cadmium education program data into your WordPress-based in-person event website. With our easy-to-use plugin, you’ll be able to sync, organize and store all of your information in one place. We make it easy for attendees and prospective attendees to access your education info anywhere on your WordPress website.

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ParrotWP™ Helps NHA Deliver Powerful clean energy event Experiences!

The National Hydropower Association uses ParrotWP™ to pull their Cadmium education program data into their Clean Currents and Waterpower Week  event sites. By having this information integrated into their WordPress websites, attendees and prospective attendees are able to easily and conveniently peruse each event’s educational offerings. NHA is also able to see which tracks are most popular, which helps them adjust their programming. ParrotWP™ has proved to be a valuable tool for NHA and has helped them enhance their event brand experience.

Before implementing ParrotWP ™ on the website for our Water Power Week 2022 event, we were re-entering and updating session data manually—and then spending more time monitoring the data on to ensure it matched the presentation data in Cadmium. ParrotWP™’s auto-syncing capabilities removed these hassles and allowed us more time to focus on increasing attendance.

Marla Barnes, Vice President of Member and Industry Engagements, National Hydropower Association

Automatically Sync’d

Event data is sync’d with Cadmium’s API every 15 minutes.

Showcase Presenter Data

Included images, sponsor logos, and custom presenter data.

Custom Layouts

NHA opted for a dynamic and engaging custom layout.